from left to right:
Omar Rodriguez: Guitar #2 - background vocals
Tony Hajjar: Drums
Jim Ward: Guitar #1 - keyboards - background vocals
Paul Hinojos: Bass
Cedric Bixler: Vocals

birthday: November 4, 1974 in Redwood City, CA
influential record: "Blizzard Of Ozz", Ozzy Osbourne
was in high school with Jim
has played in Paul's brother band, "Phantasmagoria" that made covers of Dag Nasty, Misfits, Minor Threat or Pixies then he sang in a reggae/ska band called "Dregtones" and played drums in a other band called "Faus" on the same tour... he's been kicked of the two bands and then he decided to form ATDI with Jim
birthday: September 19, 1976 in El Paso, TX
influential record: "Piano Man", Billy Joel
was in high school with Cedric
started playing bass before playing guitar
has played in an industrial band, then in a pop group before playing with Cedric in ATDI
birthday: September 1, 1975 in Bayamon, Porto Rico
influential record: "Jealous Again", Black Flag
was in junior high with Paul and start to play in bands with him at 13
has played in a band called "Startled Calf" and in groups "just like fuckin sicko, thrasho, punko, metal fuckin, funko, misfits, fuckin exploited, sicko fucks"
birthday: July 17, 1975 in Los Angeles, CA
influential record: "Masters of Puppets", Metallica
was in junior high with Omar and start to play in bands with him at 13
has jammed with a Death Metal band, "Infinite Darkness" but hadn't been accepted in
has always played guitar until he joined Tony's band, "Mind Rape", as a bassist
his first name is often written as "Pall", according to Tony, Paul had written his name 'pall' once as a joke, and people had picked up on it including those people who wrote press releases, which meant that everybody thought it was spelt 'pall'. also, his name was spelt 'paull' on the cover of el gran orgo but that was just a typo
birthday: August 17, 1974 in Beirut, Lebanon
influential record: "Masters of Puppets", Metallica
has played in a group called "Mind Rape" with Paul

If you want to learn more on ATD-I, read some interviews (the Buddyhead, Raft and Mike Randall ones are the best interviews).


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