official site
sparta official sparta site, Jim, Paul & Tony's band
grandroyal relationship of command's label (RIP)
fearless records previous atdi's label (vaya & in/casino/out)
restart records Jim & Paul's own label
gsl De Facto and The Mars Volta's label (Cedric & Omar are playing in these bands)
western breed first ATDI label. no updates since 1998
hellpaso great site for ATDI news
manuscript replica  
The Heart Of Roulette Dares unofficial the mars volta site
Neohorizon unofficial the mars volta site  
kally's site a cool japanese atdi page
alpha centauri this site is no longer updated
french sites:  
blink182 100 % blink
  new blink182
glassjaw french kiss
guano apes proud like a god
korn children of korn
  korn asylum
  korn dirty
linea77 bigquick
limp bizkit toto web
  bizkit house
linkin park about linkin park
marilyn manson coma-white
  dead messiah
mudvayne monolith
my vitriol
offspring walla walla
on the might of princes site non officiel français
pearl jam light years
placebo nancy boy
p o d pod music
rage against the machine

mic check

slipknot 666 slipknot fabrice 666
  more knot
sneaker pimps superbug
soulfly cut-throat
taproot taproot web
english sites:
on the might of princes unofficial site

french sites:
digisound bootlegs sale/trade
greatboots bootlegs sale/trade
furia metalcore/rapcore/crossover
'm' for music [lyrics | tablatures | midi --- rock - metal - hardcore]
no brain no headache metal, punk, hardcore & indus news
npa live many mp3 from "NPA live"
team nothing  
webzine nameless  
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