You can get the following mp3s on or
. one armed scissor
. pattern against user
. incetardis (from the single 'one armed scissor')

Rare (7", b-sides) and live tracks:

. extracurricular (Japanese RoC version bonus track) 3.66 MB
. autorelocator (Sunshine split) 4.57 MB
. doorman's placebo (Aasee Lake split) * 4.79 MB
. grand mox turkin (Hell Paso) * 3.11 MB
. bradley smith (Alfaro Vive, Carajo!) * 2.48 MB
. instigate the role (Alfaro Vive, Carajo!) * 2.74 MB
. one armed scissor (live @ NPA) ** 3.80 MB
. invalid litter dept. (live @ NPA) ** 5.70 MB
2 entire bootlegs
. concertina (the mars volta) gsl
. roulette's dare (the mars volta) yellow datsun

* these mp3 were recorded from 7", the sound quality is pretty poor.
** these two live tracks are taken from the french tv show "Npa Live", you can find more mp3 from this show (Korn, Deftones, ...) on

If you want to download some other mp3, try,that's my favorite mp3 download site. DON'T BUY EL GRAN ORGO, DOWNLOAD IT ! ATDI has said on their official message board: "NOTE: ATDI was screwed by OFFTIME Records who released "el gran Orgo" ..please do NOT buy this !!!!. when you buy "el Gran orgo " you do not support ATDI, you support DISHONESTY!! " (it's on the 'some el gran orgo questions' thread). But support ATDI buy buying all their other albums.


official skin 99 KB

there's a bunch of cool other Winamp ATDI skins on, check the media page of this site.


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You can download the One Armed Scissor live performance on FarmClub by going to their website, Click here to access immediatly to the page were you can download the atdi wideo. If it don't work, click on the 'video vault' button and search 'at the drive-in' or click on the 'a' letter. You'll need to register on FarmClub to download this video.

You can watch One Armed Scissor and Invalid Litter Dept. videos on and also the Relationship Of Command making-of.

You can get the One Armed Scissor (1AS) or Invalid Litter Dept. (ILD.) MPEG video by snail mail on these sites:
- 1AS - ILD.
- 1AS

Here's some short movies with the band (Omar and Cedric principally) found in the official site, but there's no direct link to get them. For the other short movies, check out the media page of the official site (you'll need Quicktime to see them).

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