Yeah, "side-projects" is not the right word for De Facto, The Mars Volta and Sparta, since it's now the bands were (ex?)At The Drive-In members are playing now... but I didn't find an other one.

de facto - first born pharoah's son - sparta - the mars volta


De Facto line-up:
Cedric Bixler: drums
Omar Rodriguez: bass
Ikey Owens: piano
Jeremy Ward: vocoder, frequency analyser & melodicas

How Do You Dub? You Fight For Dub. You Plug Dub In

Légende du Scorpion à 4 Queues

De Facto is a dub music band that exist since 1997 (remember, Chanbara - In/Casino/Out (1998) - chorus is "Tour de force / De Facto / Ayuchuco") with Cedric and Omar from ATDI, Ikey Owens and Jeremy Ward (Jim's cousin, not Jim's brother as said on some articles). They have already toured in Europe and United States.

Here's De Facto's discography, as seen on the Modern City Records (french label that features the latest release):

How Do You Dub? You Fight For Dub. You Plug Dub In LP (Headquarter 1999)
456132015 12"/CD (Grand Royal 2001)
How Do You Dub? You Fight For Dub. You Plug Dub In LP/CD (ReStart 2001)
Megaton Shotblast! 2xLP/CD (GSL 2001)
Légende du Scorpion à Quatre Queues LP/CD (Modern City 2001)

Here's some pictures, by Mio Vesovic from the croation magazine Fokus: 1 2 3


First Born Pharoah's son is:
Gabe (ATDI's sound engineer): lead guitar
Jim: bass
Paul: guitar and vocals
Tony: drums

As you can see, Paul and Jim have swapped bass and guitar. They play Metallica covers, but nothing past ...And Justice For All because "that's fuckin weak shit" (Jim, Buddyhead's 2000 interview). They've not really played shows yet, only For Whom the Bell Tolls at soundcheck in Japan. They plan to go on tour with De Facto.

Sparta line-up:
Jim Ward - Vocals, Guitar
Paul Hinojos - Guitar
Tony Hajjar - Drums
Mike Miller - Bass (Erick Sanger on the first line-up)

They've been signed on DreamWorks Records on November 2001. They're actually recording their debut full length album at Armoury Studios (Vancouver), the producer is Jerry Finn, and they'll probably release it on early summer. Before, on March-April, a 4-5 title EP, Austere, will be available in some stores and at Sparta shows. It will contain only new songs (not Air, Cut Your Ribbon and The Host that were available for download) and Mike Major produced it.

The Mars Volta is De Facto + 2 other persons. They've already recorded an EP, produced by Alex Newport (In/Casino/Out, Vaya, other album produced here) and they'll probably release it on April on GSL. Their music could be described as a mix between Vaya and Take up thy stethoscope and walk: psychedelic influences, many electro stuff, it's light years away from At The Drive-In sound.


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