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On the Hellpaso website you can download an entire set of live mp3 by The Mars Volta, they are on the MAIN page.

They have announced some tourdates accross the States with Thursday, you can check all dates here, or go directly on the official site. They have also put a webcam in their studio, so you can see what they are doing right now (but the frames are not refreshed regularly).

The Mars Volta are touring troughout Europe in March, check all dates here, or on the GSL The Mars Volta page.

January 2002:

sorry for the lack of updates these last weeks, here's the latest news:

The first The Mars Volta release, a 3-title EP, Tremulant, will come out on GSL on late March 2002. De Facto has already release a new LP, Légende du Scorpion à Quatre Queue, a few months ago (november/december 2001) on a french label, Modern City Records.

Mike Miller is the new Sparta bassist. They have also a brand new design for their official website (it seems now that DreamWorks Records manage the site, first site version was runned by the band), so check it out!

They're actually recording their debut full length album at Armoury Studios (Vancouver), the producer is Jerry Finn, and they'll probably release it on early summer. Before, on March-April, a 4-5 title EP, Austere, will be available in some stores and at Sparta shows. It will contain only new songs (not Air, Cut Your Ribbon and The Host that were available for download) and Mike Major produced it.

December 2001:

Erick has left Sparta, more infos about this on Hell Paso.

You can download a The Mars Volta song on Yellow Satdun.

If you have seen Sparta on tour, you know that their friend Gabe helped them, playing guitar and piano. Did you know that he has his own band, Volador ? Their record is going to be released in the next few weeks. Check out their site, to hear some mp3 samples.

Blaze (manager) has announced on the Sparta message board (10/24/01) that Sparta has been signed on Dreamworks and that Sparta plans to record the album on January (and may tour again after this) and then release it on late spring / early summer. They are actually writing songs and re-writing the ones they played on tour.

"Texan hardcore heroes At The Drive-In have confirmed to TotalRock that they have split up. Talking exclusively to us, guitarist Jim admitted that the band had decided to make their current extended break a permanent situation. Jim – along with drummer Tony and bassist Paul – are still working together in new project Sparta. This sees Jim handling all vocals, with Paul switching to guitar, and bass parts being handled by old pal Erick."

This statement was taken from (September 27, 2001), and if some infos are true (Jim seems to have really said this), there's still no official statement from the band about breaking up or not and their new message board is still running, so they don't have totally broke up, but chances that they will play again in a nearby future are getting thinner and thinner. I've waited a bit to publish this news to be sure that Jim really said this.

They have recorded their new album but it seems they are still looking for a label to release their EP (it was planned on Grand Royal but GR is no more...). The album is likely to sound like Vaya according to the few persons who have heard their songs. The EP was produced by Alex Newport (In/Casino/Out, Vaya, other album produced here), and NO songs are available on internet (they are some songs from Mars Volta on, but they are from an italian electronic band).

You can listen to 3 Sparta demo tracks (in mp3 format) on their official site. Also, they are touring in USA on October, and one date in Iceland. Click here to view all dates.

GRAND ROYAL, RIP 1993-2001
Grand Royal (At The Drive-In, Beastie Boys, ...) is closed since August 31 due to financial problems. Click here to learn more.

The european "Defacto presents The Mars Volta" tour have been cancelled, it seems they have to stick around in California (thanks Genevieve).

08/25/01: Jim, Paul and Tony are playing in a band called Sparta. Here's the line-up:
Jim Ward - Vocals, Guitar
Paul Hinojos - Guitar
Tony Hajjar - Drums
Erick Sanger -Bass
They've started to write some songs this month.

08/25/01: The Mars Volta
(see previous info) will play an huge amount of dates in September (with De Facto), October and November. For more infos, see the news/concerts page.

06/29/01: The new De Facto (Cedric and Omar's side-project) full-length album, Megaton Shotblast, will be released on July 24 on GSL. Announcing this new release in its newsletter, GSL has also confirmed that Cedric & Omar (ATDI & De Facto) and Ikey Owens & Jeremy Ward (De Facto) plays with 2 other guys in a band called Mars Volta. Mars Volta should play some shows in Europe in September, and they are said to prepare an LP on GSL. Jim, Tony & Paul may have also their own side-project band. But this DOES NOT mean that At The Drive-In have broke up, they've said that they wanted to take a hiatus for an indefinate time. They could record an album in their alternative bands, and then return playing together in ATDI. And they are still looking to their message board on Grand Royal, they have replied this week to a thread about El Gran Orgo, saying that Offtime records have screwed them up and "when you buy El Gran orgo you do not support ATDI, you support DISHONESTY!!", so don't buy El Gran Orgo, download it or grab it! (but support ATDI by buying their others albums !)

06/01/01: De Facto (Omar and Cedric's side-project) will play 4 dates on July in California:
11: San Francisco, CA - Slim's
12: Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction
13: San Diago, CA - Che Café
14: West Hollywood, CA - The Troubadour

De Facto will play at Club 101 (El Paso, TX) with Fugazi on April 9
all april tour dates have been cancelled. rumors are saying that the band has broke up, but it has been denied by Blaze (ATDI official message board's moderator). Omar: "After a non-stop six-year cycle of record / tour / record / tour, we are going on an indefinite hiatus. We need time to rest up and re-evaluate...just to be human beings again and to decide when we feel like playing music again"
added a tour date on April 14
03/25/01: is back
ATDI was on Zwei (a german tv channel) yesterday with an interview + a concert, this may be broadcasted again saturday
De Facto album will be released on GSL instead of Grand Royal
ATDI and the Deftones have been lined up to play the 2001 Fuji Rock Festival. the show will take place in Niigata, Japan at the Nabea Ski Resort on July 27th-29th (theprp).
according to theprp, De Facto's next album will be entitled "Black Hot Chrome" (a previously given name was "You Fight For Dub")
Guy Berryman (Coldplay bassist) and Jim may record a country music album. a possible name for the album is "London Country Rebels"
a message from Jim on ATDI's official message board:

hey hey...
i just wanted to drop a line here, i dont come around this thing much anymore. i guess i feel like it is for you all, and i want to keep my nose out of it to a certain degree. it sure has been a crazy few months, huh?
i had a few days off in london after we stopped the tour, and spent some time with my friends and really relaxed and got healthy. everything is good, and i wanted to make sure and put to rest any rumors.

we are taking a little time off for a few reasons. at certain points it becomes obvious that you need to step back and make sure you are doing things for the right reason. we have had a great year, but it has been real busy...and you start losing track of things. so, we are stepping back to look at life and make sure we enjoy it. because that is super important.

the other reason for a bit of time off is my wedding. i am marring a super wonderful girl, and i want to enjoy that for a bit. it is an exciting time for me, and the other guys are real happy and excited for kristine and me. our band has always been a family, and families got to have sunday bar-b-q's...vegie, of course...know what i mean.

anyhow, i just wanted to say thanks for the support, we are very appreciative of everything that everyone has done. we love you all, and look forward to seeing you soon. take care-love-jim

the 5 last dates of ATDI european tour have been canceled, 3 of ATDI members had flu.
02/22/01: the De Facto album (ATDI's dub side-project formed in 1997 with Cedric and Omar plus Ikey Owens and Jeremy Ward (Jim's cousin)), produced by Mario Caldato Jr (Beastie Boys) will be released this year. A single titled 456 132 015 is scheduled at Grand Royal in march (europe) then in april (u.s.) with the songs 120 E7 and Vesica Pices.
02/20/01: the next ATDI single (released on March 6) will be Invalid Litter Dept. The video was shot in Juarez, Mexico.

At The Drive-In are not going to tour for a while... so here you'll find Sparta, De Facto & The Mars Volta tour dates, these bands features ATD-I members.

click here to check Sparta's official site.

15 – Louisville, KY – Headliners
16 - St Louis, MO – Hi Point

21 - Cardiff, Wales - Coal Exchange
22 - Dublin, Ireland - Music Centre
23 - Belfast, Ireland - tba
24 - Glasgow, Scotland - King Tuts
25 - Leeds, England - The Cockpit
26 - Manchester, England - Hop and Grape
27 - Birmingham, England - Little Acadamy
28 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Milkweg
29 - München, Germany - Backstage
30 - Berlin, Germany - SO 36
31 - Hamburg, Germany - Schlachthof

02 - Köln, Germany - Prime Club
03 - Paris, France - La Boule Noire
04 - Brussel, Belgium - Ancienne Belgique Club
06 - London, England - Mean Fiddler (LA2)

Click here to go on the GSL The Mars Volta page.

28 - Coachella festival in the California desert near Palm Springs



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